Antique Reclaimed Products

We pride ourselves on keeping all of our reclaimed wood as authentic as possible, preserving the character, and revealing the original patina, giving it that genuine period look! We are happy to fit to any of your project specifications, feel free to enquire, all information given free!

See our selection of quality, low priced, reclaimed wood flooring products below...

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Pitch Pine Floorboards

Preserve your heritage and reclaim your future with this historical popular product - the exceptionally rich tones that pitch pine wood possesses with high resistance to wear, makes our pitch pine floorboards a very appealing choice.

Order pitch pine flooring to get that stylish look and add charm and appeal to any home!

Prices: 4 1/4 to 8 inch wide boards with lengths of 4-11 foot from £25 per square metre

Yellow & White Pine Flooring

Yellow and White Pine flooring has been around for hundreds of years and some of our countries most elegant and stately houses proudly display beautiful yellow pine floors. This type of pine is very popular with designers and builders of authentic interiors who are looking for that old, mellow traditional look!

Prices: 8 1/2 inch wide boards from £25 per square metre and 10 inch wide boards from £29 per square metre

Red Pine Flooring

Red Pine floorboards offers you the clean, natural appearance of wood with a warm country like appeal, at a lower cost than hardwoods. Red Pine is slightly heavier than yellow or white pine with a more warm and homely appeal.

Red Pine Flooring is an excellent choice for those with a limited budget.

Prices: 8 1/2 inch wide boards from £30 per square metre

Rustic Pine Flooring

Reclaimed Rustic Pine flooring starts with a board which has had the original rough brown patina, and sometimes original sawmarks.

The board is processed through a special sander which lightly sands the surface, but leaves the patina and character which is paramount to aged rustic flooring. Very popular with people who prefer the rustic period look.

Prices: 9 inch wide boards from £30 per square metre

Rustic Millboards

Reclaimed Rustic Millboards - rescued from an old victorian textile mill(now sadly demolished) and milled into beautiful floorboards.

The colour of these boards reflects the years of daily linseed oil use in the machinery of bygone days, which make the boards a wonderful rich, deep colour, and gives them a genuine period look.

These boards have been handscraped on the original patina side of each joist. As a suggestion a coat of wax can enhance the colour further.

Price: 6 1/2 inch wide boards from £30 per square metre

Victorian Pine Purlins

These beams are in excellent condition and would suit any period property renovations, as a fantastic feature, for private homes, cottages or restaurants. We can cut any beam to any of your specifications. Also hand scraping and waxing can be carried out at an additional cost, please enquire. This would is also popular for making furniture.

Price: 14 to16 foot lengths, 11 x 3 inch thick from £119 each